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Goodbye Playschool Hello Summer

Can you believe it our year is coming to an end and WHAT a year it’s been!!!

We’ve had so much fun this year, making friends, learning new skills, taking care of each other, developing our muscles and our minds, running, climbing, cycling, experimenting, colouring, painting, drawing, writing, reading, singing, and dancing


What a great day we had Friday celebrating with our morning children as they graduated, we are so very proud of each and every one of them and we wish them all the best as they head to Primary School. New friends and new adventures are waiting for you. Have so much fun learning and always remember how special you are!”

Well done to all our afternoon children, we are very proud of how much they have grown in the last year.   It’s lovely to see them walking in to playschool full of confidence and excited for the day ahead.   We hope you all have a great summer and we will see you all back next year for our Senior Session.  We’ll be in touch with details of our start date and calendar soon.

Childhood Services Week

What a busy week we had participating in childhood Services week, Music Monday, Artsy Tuesday, Wonderous Wednesday, Tales on Thursday and Fantasy Friday.  Thanks to John Meabh’s grandad for calling to play some music with us.  



Our Favourite Books

Smiley shark

We loved reading about smiley shark and how all the fish were afraid of him when they saw his big teeth, but smiley shark saves the day in the end and now no one is scared of him. It’s a fun book with a lovely story based on inclusion.

The Rainbow Fish 

This book teaches us the value of friendship, it’s all about a beautiful fish whose scales were all glittery but she doesn’t want to share them with anyone eventually when she does, she begins to make friends

Oooh Aaah

This book is just fun but it also focuses on language development, it’s interactive with everyone taking part reading it and laughing at the sounds we make


The very hungry caterpillar

We had great fun pretending to be caterpillars trying lots of different food to help us grow.  We even got our own caterpillars and watched them grow and turn into beautiful butterfly’s which we released in our garden. It was definitely one of our favourite books this term


Parental Involvement

 To all our parents, thank you for all your help and support over the last year, we wish you all a great summer filled with sunshine and fun.  Parental involvement is a big part of our curriculum, your involvement with our Emergent Interest board, calling to show the children your talent or skill is a valuable learning experience for all the children and we thank all those who visited us over the year. 


Road Safety

It's so important to introduce road safety to children at an early age so that they can learn the basics of how to stay safe while using the road. We read books about Simon and his friends who all help us learn how to stay safe near a road, sang some great songs like “when you want to cross the road hold mammy’s hand” and “red means stop”.   We went on a walk to the zebra crossing and practiced crossing the road safely, holding hands and wearing our hi-vis jackets. 


Our favourite Songs

Tiny Turtle song, Wiggle song, Pizza song, 5 little fishies and Dia Duit, conas a tá tú which we sing using Lámh sign language. We also love to dance “the floor is lava” is still our favourite as we get to climb on the tables but we also like “green green grass”, “we’re going on a bear hunt” and Westlife


Teddy (my canine companion dog) called for a visit

 Teddy and Ms Quinlivan called to meet all our boys and girls in the morning group, they told them all about starting primary school, the uniform they will wear, what they need to bring, and how much they will enjoy going to primary school with their friends.



Ready Steady Play

Our morning children have had great fun visiting the jungle, meeting Elvis, and lots more at ready steady play, thanks to Edwina for making the experience so memorable.


Mud Garden

What great fun we had digging, mixing, pouring and spilling in the mud garden this term, it builds fine and gross motor skills helping with our prewriting skills and much more.   


Hold Hands – Water Safety

This learning highlights the importance of water safety at home, on farms, on the beach, at rivers, lakes and on holidays. It is child led, looking at picture boards we discuss how to stay safe around water and how important it is to hold an adult’s hand near water.


Under the Sea

We had great fun visiting all the animals that live under water, playing in the tuff tray with octopus’s, sharks, squid, dolphins, turtles and lots more, we explored what living under the sea would be like, where the fish get their food and more.



We loved listening to Tchaikovsky’s nutcracker and practicing our ballet to the music, when we listen, we can hear the story being told by the sounds of the notes. 


From Erica Jenn Edel and Elaine THANK YOU and enjoy your summer


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