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Ardfinnan Community Playschool - Síolta Awarded for 2022

Ardfinnan Community Playschool Siolta Award

Síolta Award in 2017

Our original Síolta journey began back in 2015 where we began a quality assurance programme which involved building a huge portfolio of evidence about our service all leading up to a visit from a validator who comes and observes our service for a day after reviewing the portfolio and then grades us based on the quality of evidence provided and quality of the service observed on her visit. Our last validation was in 2017 where we were ecstatic to be awarded a level 4 which is the highest level that can be awarded!

Siolta Awarded Playschool in Ardfinnan 2022

Our 2020 Síolta Journey

In 2020 we began the journey again as we were up for renewal. The portfolio building takes months and months of really hard work as it involves a huge amount of evidence be provided over 16 standards some of which are curriculum, environments, play, planning and evaluation, rights of the child and transitions. Although this involves such a huge amount of work it helps us as early years educators to reflect on our practice and to try keep improving ourselves and our playschool all the time!

A Visit From Our Síolta Validator

This week (16th May 2022) our playschool has been very busy leading up to today when we had a lovely visit from a lady named Jean. Jean is a Síolta validator who came to inspect our playschool classrooms, play areas and child friendly environments. Jean also examined our updated curriculum to adhere to the Síolta Curriculum for 2022.

She thoroughly enjoyed her time with us and got involved like she was another member of staff. Jean put us all at ease about her visit and the boys and girls really had fun with her for the day.

At the end of the session she spoke to us about the day and discussed how she got such a huge sense of fun from each of the children and a strong sense of belonging within our playschool. We are really excited to hear from Jean soon and get the report from her visit and what level we will be awarded this time.

A Massive Thank You to Everyone Involved!

We would really like to thank the boys and girls who attend our playschool, they are the best boys and girls who we laugh with and love to see develop and achieve new things every day. We would also like to thank the parents for your continued support and involvement. We would like to thank our fantastic committee who are a huge support to us all the time! Roll on the next few days until we hear from Jean but we are quite confident from some of her comments that we will be ecstatic again with the level we will be awarded!

Below are some images of the great day we had and the activities we ran for the children at Ardfinnan Community Playschool.

Ardfinnan Playschool Outdoor Astro Play Area

Playschool Children's Parking Area

Ardfinnan Playschool Creation Play Zone

Ardfinnan Community Playschool Reading Area

Ardfinnan Playschool Science Area

Playschool Quiet time area

Children's Kitchen Playschool

Young Engineers in the making at Ardfinnan Playschool

Small World Area in Ardfinnan Playschool

Thanks again to everyone from our parents to our staff and our community committee. Make sure you leave you email below so you can stay up to date on all we do here to help our children learn and grow at Ardfinnan Community Playschool.


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